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Maidaid Passthrough Dishwasher EVO2160

  • EVO2160 3 phase machine
  • Powerful wash pump and boiler element
  • Designed for heavy-duty use
  • Fitted drain pump & break tank as standard
  • 500 x 600mm rack
  • Maximum useable height 440mm
  • Dimensions W700 x D755 x H1535mm
  • Height adjustable from 1535-1595mm (hood closed)
  • Height adjustable from 2050-2110mm (hood open)
  • Three standard cycle time options with further options available
  • Cycle times can be tailored to site requirements
  • Power 11kW
  • 25 Amps – 3 phase only
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EVO2160 *NEW FOR 2021*

  • 3 phase 500 x 600mm rack machine with powerful wash pump and boiler element for heavy-duty use
  • Polychromatic LCD display and user interface giving uncomplicated machine status updates
  • Four-button control fascia with special programmes button, operational self-diagnostics & alarms menu
  • Improved wash action from quick-release triple wash and rinse arm design
  • Stainless steel scrap tray filters supplied as standard
  • Improved triple wash tank filtration
  • Drain pump & break tank supplied as standard
  • Three standard cycle options with an extensive range of special cycles
  • Cycle times can be tailored to site requirements
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Comprehensive automatic self-cleaning at end of service
  • Selectable energy-saving mode
  • Selectable thermostop ensures optimum rinse temperatures
  • Fully double skinned body & hood construction minimising both acoustic output and reduced heat-loss
  • Easy super slide hood system
  • Patented dual flow wash pump with – reducing power consumption whilst retaining wash efficiency
  • Moulded wash tank for easy cleaning
  • Accurate detergent and rinse aid peristaltic dosing pumps as standard
  • Supplied with one pegged rack, one open cup/glass rack & cutlery insert